One 2 One

One to one Yoga tuition is perfect for people who need a personalised approach to their practice. For those who are new to Yoga, or who wish to deepen their practice, private classes can help to take you deeper into the needs of your own body, and realise a programme which perfectly suits you.  These sessions can also be used as Yoga Therapy, for example when recovering from illness or injury, and help can be given on finding a combination a breathwork, asana, meditation and self-care that works for each persons individual needs. 

One to one classes can be scheduled at a time to suit you, either in your home or in my practice room

To find out more, or to make a booking, please contact Sheena on or call 07854326729

"Had the most amazing an inspirational one-to-one yoga session with Sheena from Yam Yoga. Helped me to see a number of key things central to my yoga practice that no other yoga teacher has spotted before. Instead of feeling 'different' I can now celebrate my uniqueness and enjoy the added confidence and new motivation to practise this is offering me. Can't thank Sheena enough and would highly recommend any yoga session with her and especially a one-to-one slot - gratitude x'
- Catherine, Total Balance, Bristol