In deep gratitude to all those teachers who have come before me, and to all those who have helped me on my path to discovering the joy of Yoga.  I offer deep respect to my teacher Jai C Salt for the offering of the art of Elemental Yoga, derived from his exploration into the healing effects of Yoga, and eastern medicinal therapies.  For this teaching I am especially grateful, as it facilitated my transition from Yoga practitioner to Yoga teacher, a journey that brings me joy every day.

I also offer deep love and gratitude to Uma DInsmore-Tuli for her research and development of Womb Yoga, the continued practice and study of which has brought deep healing to my life and joy to the lives of many yoginis.

To Sofia Ajuro, for her teachings of Elemental and Womens Yoga, I am grateful and inspired beyond measure; I am constantly reminded through her work of the importance of remaining grounded in this life and striving to bring this wisdom to all the women of the world who are in need of it.

And to all the Yoga teacher friends who have helped, guided, loved and encouraged me, I offer eternal love and gratitude - with your presence on this path I am filled with hope and wonder. Special thanks to Rachel Flemming, Marinella Bennelli and Frances Lewis for their teaching, care, love and heartfelt encouragement.  You have all shown me the way x

I offer my work in the hope that I am able to contribute to the peaceful existence of all beings on earth, in my lifetime and beyond.  With great love and respect, Hari Om Tat Sat