YamYoga - Elemental Hatha Yoga from the heart

Yam practices are a combination of Elemental and Womens Yoga; traditional Hatha yoga combined with the 5 Elements (Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Ether) to create classes which work with the seasons to harmonise your body, mind and spirit.  Working with breath, asanas, mantras, mudras and deep relaxation, we look at each element in turn as we move through the year;

as we move into Spring, we use practices which stimulate our Spirit/Space/Ether energy, located in the Third eye, or Ajna chakra.  This element is all about rising energy, connecting to the world around us, and lifting our consciousness.  Connecting to our Spirit energy can help us to feel more in tune with our higher purpose or intentions; a lighter, higher vibration that also requires grounding, lest we float away.  Practices to help us in this journey to connect with Spirit include deeper twists, inversions and balancing poses; the Nadi Shodana, or alternate nostril breathing, allows us to bring our awareness into the third eye centre; chanting the mantra Om also shifts our awareness to our higher perspective, and helps us align with all beings of the world.  This season offers us the opportunity for rebirth and re-connection, a lifting of consciousness and raising of our vibrations.  After the depths of Winter, Spring is a welcome respite of hope and new life.

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